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Doge for Dogs

doge charity

One Tail at a Time is an amazing charity helping to rescue dogs from overcrowded shelters, in need of finding a forever home. They are a well organized group and even opened their own vet clinic!  They loved to hear all about Dogecoin.

Doge Donate

doge donate

The goal of is to develop and track large scale donations using Dogecoin. A fun idea, reputable charity or great cause all together. This is not new for Doge and the positive publicity greatly helps our awareness, adoption, value and more – while doing a lot of good along the way. is a Dogecoin Shop Directory, made by “DimiFW”, a dogecoin OG well known on r/dogecoin!

shop doge

We’re furiously pounding our paws on the keyboard to get the word out. We want to provide the best Ðoge-specific ressource for finding and supporting shops and services that accept Ðogecoin, and a resource for how to buy and use Ðoge.